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{shop} spring scarves

yesterday i had a wrestling match w/ my straightening iron. leaving me with an awesome neck wound that looks like i engaged in a knife fight over the weekend. (i guess that's better than a burn that looks like a gigantic hickey.) but seriously:

{awesome "photo booth" on my work computer picture!}

so it just feels right to post on the latest spring scarf trends:

Image 1 of Oasis Animal Print Scarf

{click to shop}

1 // animal print - oasis animal print scarf from asos {28.69} ... i'm not the biggest fan of animal print - and have admitted on here before that the only animal "print" i will have about the house are these little guys. but i love this not so literal version of a print - in blue!

2 // tied silk - cube art scarf from anthropologie {19.95} ... i am learning to NEVER throw anything away. i had a bundle of silk scarves about 5 years ago - which i garage saled before moving into my latest apartment. :( boo. i'm pretty smitten w/ this scarf (and of course all things anthropologie) ... and since it's on sale it's actually in my budget. a simple way to dress up any outfit.

3 // floral print - leaving home floral garden scarf by ruche {16.99} ... i can't get over the flowering trees this time of the year in nashville. here's the perfect excuse to bring those lovely blossoms inside (esp if your office - like mine - is sans windows). feel fresh and spring-y with a beautiful floral scarf.

4 // fringe - feather print triangle scarf from forever21 {8.80} ... loving all things 70s this summer. i just could get into the 80s trend entirely. i think this is my favorite of all the scarves and it's the cheapest! love the retro influence. love the colors. love love the feathers & fringe!

5 // tie dye - tie dye crush scarf by tolani {73.00} ... again love the 70s influence! what a fun pop of color just in time for spring. tie dying party, anyone? :)

6 // square bandana - joolay tori b square scarf by cejon {48.00} ... i loooove a good square scarf (and admittedly have a few too many already.) so i'm happy that this trend continues! :) i especially love the belted square scarf this spring:

{source: the daybook}

of course - now that you have the latest trends ... here's the perfect little video from free people on how to style your scarves.

... and this is why free people is my absolutely favorite.

did i miss anything?

update: i'd like to think that a case of the mundays is the reason that adorable fringe scarf from forever21 sold out since i posted about it TODAY. (i kid.) ... sorry to get your hopes up! :( maybe they'll restock soon!


Ellen @ Black and White and Loved All Over said...

Sweet post! Sorry about the burn, darlin!

Anonymous said...

Are you growing your bangs out?

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

yes. no. maybe!?! i'm really not sure. last night we watched alfie and i fell in love with sienna miller's bangs (here). but bangs are work! got an opinion?

Anonymous said...

So pretty! I really love the print of your scarf! My favorites are the linens.

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