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{our wedding} table settings

according to "wedding etiquette", a bride and groom have AN ENTIRE YEAR to send thank you notes. wade and i were way ahead of the norm - sending ours w/in weeks - so instead i'll use the year as my window for posting blogs about our wedding.

we'll have been married for 6mo on the 25th. unbelievable!

today i wanted to share a little post on our reception settings - and my tricks to save a little $$.

1 // our location didn't have a backup location for rain ... so we really needed a tent. instead of holding one through a rental company (around 1k to hold - 2500 to use), we checked around town w/ churches & businesses. we were able to hold a tent for a donation of $200 bucks. the tent would have been blue and white striped ... but let's be honest, it would have done the job and fit our mismatched style. luckily it rained the day before and the day after our wedding - and we spent the evening under the stars.

2 // i loved the idea of old mismatched house numbers for table numbers. (that's a lot of 1's and 2's to find.) after searching antique stores and ebay for quite some time, i finally decided instead to use letters. we had 26 tables including the head table - perfect! i found a website that sold wooden letters in several dif fonts so i split the alphabet among 3 different fonts for a mismatched look. then i used a rust antiquing kit - instant "antique" letters. easy!

3 // i found wholesale skeleton keys online at kennedy hardware for .75 each - much better than what i was finding for antique keys. then i attached them w/ twine to a little "bubble" label (printed on round labels and attached to paper key tags). definitely a smart idea to label the bubbles. they would have made for an awful cocktail!

4 // i won't bore you w/ a repost on our runners. if you missed it, check it out here.

5 // here's a little trick to save $$$ on rentals ---> plastic plates! we used real silverware, real glassware, and real linens - and snuck in clear plastic! considering you need to rent dinner plates, salad plates and desert plates, this can mean big savings. and it helped big time w/ clean up as well.

a final little note:

i used coupons for EVERYTHING that i purchased from michaels and joann fabric - the boxes for our favors, the burlap for our runners, even our invitations - which i bought at michaels and then tweaked to be our own. both stores run 40-50% coupons weekly!


Venessa said...

Thanks for this! So helpful--especially the tent idea. I never even thought to rent from a church.

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