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tues-DIY: pinwheel magnets

finally, i found free time this weekend to finish a couple projects! first, a super easy one.

i'm loving pinwheel's right now (remember my pinwheel necklace DIY). so of course i find these pinwheel push pins from anthropologie absolutely adorable:

however - because i don't have a cork board, here's a little DIY to make pinwheel magnets:


* several different scrap pieces of fabric
* needle and thread
* piece of poster board (for a pattern)
* a piece of felt
* self-adhesive magnets
* tacky glue
* scissors

1 // trace a bowl or lid onto the poster board to create a pattern. the pattern needs to be twice as wide as your intended yo-yo plus 1/2" for seam allowances. my finished yo-yos are 2" wide - so i traced a lid that was 4 1/2" across.

2 // trace your pattern on the wrong side of your fabric and cut out your circle.

3 // with the right side of the fabric facing down, fold in the edge of your circle about 1/4". starting w/ the wrong side facing toward you, stitch close to the folded edge around the circumference of the circle (overlapping your first stitch).

you can vary the size of your yo-yo center by varying your stitch length. shorter stitches create a more open center while longer stitches make for a tighter center. i used a longer stitch.

4 // pull the thread carefully until the edges gather in the center. then tie a knot and clip the excess. you can tuck the knot and the excess into the center hole. flatten the yo-yo so that the center hole is centered on top.

now to make magnets:

5 // cut a circle out of your felt that is a little smaller than your finished y0-yos. cut your self-adhesive magnet to fit and attach it to the felt circle.

6 // with tacky glue, attach the felt to the back of the yo-yo.

if you want to create push pins: push the point of your pin through the felt. then add glue to the side of the felt with the top of the pushpin (not the point). glue your felt circle to the back of the yo-yo.

voila!! go yo-yo crazy!

want your yo-yos to look exactly like the anthropologie push pins? string 3 beads and stitch them to the center of your yo-yo before adding the felt to the back.


Anonymous said...

If you put these in your Etsy shop I will buy them! I love them! I can never find cute magnets that I like. I'm very picky and these are colorful and adorable!!

Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

LOVE - Great idea! I had so much fun at our girls' night the other night!

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