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mon-DIY: anthropologie's acrobatics necklace

wade and i had a lazy day planned for saturday - our first in a long long long time. we woke early to hit up the flea market (where wade had much better luck than me - boo hiss). then on our way home, we redboxed a couple of boston films (the fighter and the town) and sat down to enjoy a rainy day in.

of course, i'm not very good at sitting still. armed with a roll of white duct tape and 52 jumbo paper clips, i decided to recreate this acrobatics necklace from anthropologie:

{haven't got time to make your own? you can purchase it at anthro for just 79.95 on sale right now! (originally 168.00)}

* white duct tape
* 52 jumbo paper clips
* scissors
* acrylic paints
* mod podge or some other sealer --> an after thought but very necessary as the acrylics tend to stick together!


Susan said...

I'm very impressed! Love all your DIY ideas!

Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

You have outdone yourself, my dear! LOVE!

Faith said...

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Looks exactly like the Anthro one.

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