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{food for thought} better body blair

one of my sweet friends suggested that i post more on being a newlywed. so here we go ...

confession: i swore it wouldn't happen to me, but i have put on "love weight" since getting married.
grr. and let's face it - just giving up sugar for lent isn't going to cut it. time to take action!

here are a couple of FREE apps for my smart phone that i have found to be SOOOO helpful:

1 // my fitness pal - FREE diet and exercise journal

here's how it works:

download the app and set up a goal. w/ that goal in mind, the app automatically gives you the amount of calories you can eat a day.


after each meal, use the search to add what you ate. they have 800,000 foods currently included in their database - including restaraunts and specific t grocery store items (aldi, trader joes). and - how much does this rock: they have a barcode scanner! awesome.

Search Diary

add your workout. this gives you additional calories per day depending on your activity. it's really encouraging to workout when you can see the add'l calories you get to eat right there on the homepage!

finally, each day submit your progress ... and it will show you how much closer you are to your goal.there's a TON more involved w/ this app - including an online community. so dig in!

2 // my tracks - FREE performance monitor/GPS tracker

here's how it works:

use my tracks while you run, bike, hike, or do anything else outdoors. it uses the GPS sensor in your phone to record the path you took. it will also gather useful stats like time, speed, distance, and elevation.

{source: jon' journal}

you can review this data and save it for later. (this is sooo helpful when adding info to my fitness pal.) and if you're brave - it has a built in share option!

{i can only find this currently for android. but i'll let you know if i find something similar for iphone.}

3 // last but not least ... pandora radio - FREE personalized radio

here's how it works:

just start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs or classical composers and pandora will create a "station" that plays their music and more music like it. then you have the option to skip ahead (if the song is too slow for your pace) or dislike/like the artist altogether. by disliking/liking, you help pandora further narrow in on your style!

so what are your most helpful diet apps?

NOTE: all of these are "free" - that is if you have an unlimited date plan!


of course ... all this healthy talk (and healthy eating - not to mention the 11.5 miles i've put in over the last 2 days) has me craving sugar more than ever!!! thank goodness wade ate all the samoas we had in the house. {by "all" i mean only 1 box.}

i can say "thank goodness" now after giving him haides the other day - because i found this AMAZING homemade samoa recipe. i will be making a batch post easter. how's that for evil temptation at the end of this healthy little post!


Jenna said...

I love these apps! I downloaded MFPal but couldn't find the barcode scanner! {I also downloaded Fooducate for this, though}

Thanks for the info!

a case of the mundays said...

when you do a food search there's a little barcode looking thing just beside the search button. it's blue. i used it for breakfast this am - made it soooo easy!

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