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whatever wednesday: HOT thoughts

{source: zara}

these HOT pink, green, orange and blue trousers make me think nice warm thoughts - which i need right about now. {i'm especially a sucker for the pink!} we definitely need a zara in nashville OR they at least need to open an online store.

more snow ... again, nashville!?! boo hiss. maybe we'll be snowed in & i can dig further into my etsy idea (more to come!)!?! happy thought. but that would mean we'd have to reschedule the photo shoot i'm coordinating for tomorrow. {un}happy thought.

for more warm ideas, check out my friend ellen's post "how to make the sun shine" ... on her blog black and white and loved all over. since i don't foresee a trip to HOT-lanta and zara in the near future, i can at least take ellen's advice - and rock some summertime on my nails!


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