Test Title 1

we might not have a photo shoot today ...

... but we have catering.

unfortunately panera bread wouldn't let us cancel our breakfast order this am. so wade walked/risked his life {slight nashville snow exaggeration} to pick it up. can't let hot coffee and fresh pastries go to waste. thank the Lord i planned to place the lunch order at the start of the shoot.

{seriously though ... it took me AN HOUR and a push by a good snow-maritan to get home last night. and i only live 6 blocks away from the office.}

we're carb-ed ...

we're caffeinated ... (who needs the new starbucks' trenta when we each have one of these bad boys?!?) (yes over use of !?!?!'s - due to caffeine high!)

and ready to attack the day. now if only i can get to the fabric store!!!


Dylana said...

This is all looks so yummy!



a case of the mundays said...

shame on me ... but it was! ps - love your blog. you have ridiculous style! inspiring!

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