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simple things: goodwill

my parents plan trips around goodwill stores. i love them for this. and because of their great finds, they motivate everyone around them to shop there too. i remember stopping by goodwill w/ our entire youth group (about 50 kids) one year on a mission trip. everyone returned home w/ 2.99 "souvenir" t-shirts for the local little league team or fall festival.

so it wasn't any surprise that they wanted to hit up goodwill while they were in town last weekend.

1) lace curtains for our bedroom:

every room in my grandma's house has lace curtains. i'd been googling vintage curtains for a while ... but either couldn't find the perfect pattern or shade of aged ivory or couldn't afford them on our shoestring budget.

i know what you're thinking - lace curtains ... that seems a little TOO pretty for a bedroom shared by a man. but remember our industrial bookshelf (made from pipes and planks):

{before curtains. see it needed something!}

and our homemade bedside lights:

the room need a touch of soft. and at 2.99 a panel (we bought 2) ... even wade was in!

2) this cute little studio chair:

not entirely sure where it will end up but for now he sits in the empty corner of our living room (where our christmas tree once belonged). i love him - paint splotches and all.

3) these little chair decals:

i particularly love the chairs on the far left and right. again no idea what i will do with them. but aren't they cute!

i think i might exact-o knife around the black so that i can use the white parchment paper behind them as stencils. in fact, i have an extra burlap pillow i made last week that would be perfect. hmm ... it's decided!

now i have the itch! i purposely chose to walk to work today so that i wouldn't be tempted to hit up the local consignment stores during my lunch hour. best way to attack an addiction is to have a game plan. ;)

what's your best goodwill find?


Ellen said...

The curtains are beautiful and I can't believe you found those chair decals at Goodwill. I guess you never know. - Ellen

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