Test Title 1

{look for less} anthropologie

i love you, anthropologie ... but there's no way i can spend $696.00 on an outfit. get this look for less ($516.12 less).

the blazer:

l: anthropologie's neoclassical blazer {118.00}
r: ruche's rhythmic blue sweater jacket {52.99}

the blouse:

l: anthropologie's springing season blouse {68.00}
r: ruche's sweet lemonade print dress {38.99}
this was my hardest item to match.
the skirt:

l: anthropologie's seamingly maxi {98.00}
r: forever21's vertical stripe skirt {18.90}

the belt:

l: anthropologie's ring-cinched belt {48.00}
2: lands' end canvas' ring buckle belt {29.50}

the shoes:

l: anthropologie's keeping tabs thongs {248.00}
r: old navy's braided t-strap sandals {19.50}

the jewelry:

l: anthropologie's strung palms bracelet {58.00 each}
r: ecorevivals on etsy's handcrafted tagua bracelet {10.00 each}

anthropologie {696.00}
my look {179.88}


Emily said...

Blair, I LOVE this post! you did a great job finding comparable items!

a case of the mundays said...

thanks emily. as part of my "confessions", i'm trying to be more honest and post what i CAN afford. ha! this was super fun too. definitely will be a follow-up.

Tara said...

Please do more posts like this! So helpful and inspiring. :)

Ellen said...

Great post! I might have to get that Forever 21 skirt. Love!

Eco Revivals said...

I love anthropologie too, but not as much as a great bargain. Cute outfit, and definitely affordable as you show with your look for less.

Thank you for including our tagua bracelets.

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