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felt friday: christmas inspired

thank you to all the ladies that were able to make time during this busy holiday season for the cookie swap last night. it was the perfect random assortment of lovelies. and i feel it was a delicious success! i couldn't even begin to choose a favorite! everything was so yummy! but an honorable mention ... simply because i've never tried them before ... ellen of black & white & loved all over's coconut macaroons. i must get the recipe! (Lord - please don't allow me to be allergic to coconut!!!)

speaking of ... i've had a ridiculous rash again all week - head to toe. the 2nd time this month. stupid food allergies. i noticed it after my office potluck ... and there's really no telling what i am reacting to this time around. so last night ... sugar high, i decided to pop a couple of benedryl and hit the sack.

this of course meant that i didn't stay up to finish my little felt project for the week. :( sorry, folks. instead i'll share a little love for other crafty women throughout the blogosphere. and they're fantastic christmas felt decorations:

1) the perfect topper to any crafter's christmas package ... felt bows via big box detox (check out kristen & eric's site for a DIY!). reuse your bow with a safety pin for a cute festive broach! :

2) cute felt christmas trees via scissor variations (check out janice's site for the DIY). okay okay - so i'm really in to "shingling" this year since my old book mistletoe {craft}ernoon. i absolutely love these trees and even the exposed pins for a bit of shimmer:

3) adorable felt mitten coasters via lil fish studios. i especially love the story behind the felt! lisa made the felt for the mittens from a wool coat a friend had given her several years ago. not only had her friend's 2 boys worn it but then three of lisa's children had worn it. sweet memories ...

4) this one might surprise my husband because i am ALL about white lights and muted tones in our apt ... but i LOVE this festive felt garland via small bird! adorable! a must make. check out a felt garland DIY via the purl bee - here!

5) and another one to surprise wade ... these felt christmas lights via cakies. cute as can be! i love everything that ruby ellen does with her 3 beautiful little girls. such a darling mommy.

do you have any favorite felt christmas decs that i am missing out on!?!
do share!


Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

Great post! Love all your picks.

Thanks so much for having me last night. I had SUCH a good time, and I love what you've done with the place! :)

And, the recipe: http://www.joyofbaking.com/CoconutMacaroons.html

Glad you liked!

Nuha Sofiyan said...

cute ideas! I'll have to make some felt bows soon :)

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