Test Title 1

so tired ...

i have a benedryl hangover - 2nd day in a row. and i'm barely keeping afloat during work today. :( not good considering things are piling up at the office AND at home.

i'm not sure what i've reacted to ... but i'm covered head to toe in a lovely rash. probably another food allergy. and poor husband has dealt with a puny wife for the past 3 days. last night completely fed up, i coated myself in hydrocortisone cream and hit the sack before 7.30.

i still have my list of "to do's" that aren't getting "to done" while i'm half present. but i started on the kitchen windows and wanted to share.

remember my dream window coverings for the kitchen:

i bought a set of 16 mismatched vintage doilies on etsy and now i simply plan to sew them to ribbon and tie them up. (notice the pushpins in the meantime.)

what do you think?


Brian and Angie Seehafer said...


They are beautiful!!

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