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our wedding: saddest update ... ever?

okay prob not. but i'm pretty heartbroken.

when asked about our honeymoon ... i say "i'll post photos and blog updates soon". well sad to report - i seem to have misplaced my camera.


disappointed with myself.

wade and i have claimed the lost camera on delta for both our gates/flights from london and atlanta. luckily wade had his camera and snapped an occasional picture.

please say a little prayer that it is found. :(


ABCDMomma said...

At least your photographer that you hired and paid in full for a years worth of panel pictures...3, 6, 9, and 12 months pictures of your first born...didn't lose all of her pictures from the past year b/c she didn't back up her work and pretty much SUCKS as a photographer b/c she never calls back, follows up, sends your order (it's been 2 months). I am pissed. I hate picture lossage. I also somehow lost in translation the pictures from my proposal from my moms camera.Tons of em, wonderful...and nothing. I couldn't get them uploaded and somehow they got erased! So sad to think about even NOW!!

A Case Of The Mundays said...

wow ... that's awful, jo. isn't this the gal that shot your wedding? that you just loved?

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