Test Title 1

{our wedding} introducing ... the mundays.

our wedding day was a whirlwind. you plan plan plan for the entire engagement and then leave all your plans in the hands of someone else to execute the day of. but ... execute they did - it was a truly magical night for wade & i ... and we hope for our wedding guests too.

we just got word that it will be early november before we have official wedding pics. so we wait anxiously.

but in the meantime a few favorites from the photo booth {a wedding present from reed hummell and his lovely bride-to-be taylor crow}:

{my brother ross and his girlfriend angela. ps - everyone loved you!}

{bridesmaid (and work horse) laura & tyler}

{my darling nephews}

{my beautiful bridesmaids ... that's my sister leigh squeezed into the upper left}

and last but not least ...

{my beloved}

so many more pics ... check them out: http://themundays.shutterfly.com

coming soon: honeymoon pics.
still holding out hope for my camera - but wade snapped a few lovely shots.
thank you God.


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