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let there be light ...

finally - we have bedside lamps! :)

you might remember a couple of weeks ago we were on a mission to buy lamps for our bedroom. we saw several different styles that were intriguing by either 1) not the right feel of our bedroom or 2) not the right price range. then while walking around target i found the perfect "lamp shade" ... and we decided we could make our own!

the supplies finally was delivered mid-last week but we were heading out of town for the weekend. delay. then this week has been rather mad ... cleaning up after the trip + cleaning up in general + laundry + halloween costume making + a short week at work with another trip out of town this weekend. delay.

but last night while i went to town on my halloween costume (it's crunch time!) ... wade took action.

we are so excited.

{i promise to upload non cellphone camera pics tomorrow (our camera wasn't uploading this am) plus a little list of what materials we used.}

we also found a wood 2-drawer filing cabinet yesterday on craigslist. this was one of the last pieces of "furniture" needed to pull our bedroom together. we hope to sand and stain it and the desk (maybe even next week/weekend - weather permitting?). then it's time to accessorize. :) ha! i'm thinking vintage floor length sheer curtains to contrast the harsh metals of the bookshelves and the new lamps. and a few things knickknacks for on top of the dresser. (though this will come with time!) then i'll do a tour!

promise also an update on my halloween costume and finally the resolution of my monday teaser tomorrow before we head out on our weekend adventure!

what projects are you tackling in your home?


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