Test Title 1

going to look at a couch ...

round 2.

oh craigslist - please be magical this time around.



it was a winner ...

{a little preview}

... and {drumroll} only $150 buckaroos. UNBELIEVABLE! (spending a bit more on a rug doesn't seem that bad now, eh? *hint hint*)

the leather needs a little cleaning + conditioning. so i'm currently googling DIY fixes - a new project for next week. but it's exactly what we were wanting ... comfy and well-worn just like the one at restoration ... however we didn't have had to pay bucko bucks for this look! SO THRILLED.

wade and i got it into the apt last night w/ only minor back pain this am - ha! and our friend dave is going to take our old couch. so it was a smooth transition.

okay this time i really do promise that i will update you with real pics on monday. i know, i know my promises are losing merit each day that goes by. but i was up until after 1am wrapping up my halloween costume and packing. i promise pictures of our finds from last week home in IL, a thorough review of our amazing bedside lamps and pics of our latest find - the couch!


Jen_Jake'smom said...

hello, dearie! I didn't know you had a blog! I just surfed my way through it - also didn't realize how crafty you are! so much fun!!! gonna add you to my Google Reader! <3 you!

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