Test Title 1

where have i been!?!



...is anyone out there still reading this thang?

i know i know ... i've been slacking. wade pointed out yesterday that my last post (or poor excuse for a post) was over a month ago.

truth is ... it's wedding crunch time.
all of my free time has been focused on wedding projects. i posted a few projects early on - but mom kept telling me not to post TOO much. she feared that someone else would read my blog and then have my wedding before i got to have it. ha! (honestly ... the majority of my ideas are adapted from ideas i've found on blogs too.)

but i've chosen not to post too many of my final touches on here before the big day. and who am i kidding, former brides. you understand me when i say "too much to do, too little time".

a little catch up:

* wade is home! he got home on july 8th and settled back into his boyhood bedroom until post wedding. he's now working for a non-profit in town. and i'm super proud of him. my hero.

*then, july 31st i moved into our new apt. yay!
it's so comfy and cozy w/ the best morning light ... even without decorations and with boxes stacked high. i've had to tell myself that the decorating will come later. for now, i need to make it livable and focus on wedding.
but we have so many AMAZING ideas - all future blogs. i promise. as we plan to build from scratch, flea market, and freecycle like mad! :) then you all should come visit.

okay okay ...

i promise an excellent blog post sept 25th.
be patient with me in the meantime. :)



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