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country roads, take me home

i recently took a little hiatus from the business of everyday life ...
and headed home for a week in
martinsville, il.

my trip in pictures:

7.4.10 - happy birthday, america.
my bro-in-law brandon (leigh's husband) spent the big bucks on firecrackers this year! this just happens to be a picture of the not so impressive part of the fireworks show that he and my brother ross entertained us with. once we put my nephew dayton down for the night ... the ladies pulled up lawn chairs and the boys went to town. 
we might have gotten in trouble for being too loud too late.

we traveled 15m of gravel road to moonshine for burgers ... but it was closed. we tried again later in the week ... and it was raining so hard that we didn't even attempt to get out of the car. so sad. wade and i are going to have to make a special trip to martinsville for my yearly fix.

want to know what the madness is about? check out this video of moonshine from cbs sunday morning.

luckily ... monday wasn't an entire waste.

a little story to introduce the next picture:
i went home of course to see family and to work on the wedding ... but really - i HAD to go home. it was fair week. and i wouldn't miss the martinsville agricultural fair for the world. i have been betting malone's taffy on the horse races, filling myself with tenderloins from the pork producers tent, and entertained by tractor pulls, drag races, the scramble, and the demolition derby ever since i can remember.

but history happened in that small town last week ...
needtobreathe and jars of clay performed in concert to open the week.

{this is particularly funny for me bc just last month wade mentioned to me that he really liked this band called "needtobreathe" and noticed that they were distributed through wea (who we distribute through at work). so i worked my magic and got him & his roommates tickets to see them up in boston. turns out - no magic needed ... they were playing martinsville.}

 we spent tuesday afternoon at the casey pool.
who needs the bahamas?

 luckily my sister leigh and my sister brooke's trips overlapped by one day. i got to see the cousins interact for a day. brooke has two little ones haven (4.5) and nyah (2 in a week). and leigh has dayton (2) and a little one on the way! it is so much fun having the house full for the fair again.
(i can't wait to raise my kids with the same memories.)

usually i am depressed when it's time to head home from the fair. but this year - there was a reward waiting on the other side ... 
(i guess it's time i update our blog art.)

and with his return, we opened our first 3 wedding presents. fun fun!
i thought it was hard with gift-wrapped presents in the house. ha. it's so much harder now seeing such awesome new gadgets in boxes awaiting 9.25.

we're less that 75 days out from the wedding ... and we have so much to do!!!! {luckily i warned wade up front that he needed to return with gluestick in hand.} i

hope you all have a martinsville of your own to retreat too. :)


Sarah said...

My husband directed me to your blog. Love reading about my little town and its treasures...and thrilled that you treasure it as well. BTW I'm now on the Elevate committee and, yes, how awesome it was to have such fantastic bands at our little fairgrounds! I heard of your connection with this year's bands...very cool!

Blair Munday said...

oh the world wide web - making the world even smaller! :) i definitely do treasure martinsville. can't wait to make a trip or two up this summer. thanks again for stopping by the blog.

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