Test Title 1

oh baby: a little diy action

my mom is coming to town!!! dad too. the boys are going to be crazy busy (and dirty) uncovering the brick wall in the nursery. and mom and i are going to garage sale/thrift shop + diy like nobody's business!

so of course - i've been brainstorming some inspiration:

1. dye-dipped tassel garland. yes please. inspired by the minimalist.
2. adorable stacked animals. inspired by japanese designer happa do.
3. pretty lavender words - i'm thinking "rest". inspired by this nursery on house & home.
4. a few happy clouds! inspired by this nursery on the animal print shop
(do you see those dipped stools and the tree branch clothes rack as well. triple swoon!)


Mandy said...

fun! your parents are awesome! hope you have a great visit and find some wonderful treasures!!!

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