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... and running running


wade and i went to savannah last weekend for the savannah rock n roll marathon! it was such a fun trip. our friend alex flew down from boston to run w/ wade. my running partner shelbie and a crew of other nashville gals ran as well. and we even had small group friends running and cheering on friends/family. w/ all us nashvillians in town, it was basically the music city marathon - only i'm pretty sure our bands were cooler (anybody know what that rockstar is playing?).

here's where i get to brag on my husband for a bit - and his time: 3:49:59! that's right, people. he was very proud of that 1sec and i am very proud that he reached his goal of under 4hrs. :) and thankful that he only felt like this for a few hours after the race:

i have to admit i was envious of the runners the day of. what a perfect way to tour a new city. which has me asking, where shall we run next!?!


speaking of running, i've launched a new ladies running group for nashville gals called hot damn(sels)! running is a social sport (especially now that it's too dark to run alone). schedule runs. meet your running goals. hot damn! click below for all the dets:


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