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the fix: shattered compact makeup

we have a lovely vintage bathroom in our tiny apartment. complete w/ lovely (and tiny) vintage pedestal sink. i really like it. however - my makeup bag has taken a tumble or two lately due to the limited space.

been there? have no fear - here's the fix!

use a clean brush to move the broken powder back into the center of the compact.

 add a few drops of rubbing alcohol.

using a clean finger or the back of a spoon, press and smooth the makeup back into shape.

leave the compact open to dry over night. the alcohol will completely dry and it's good as new!

a few extra notes:
* if your makeup spills out on to the bathroom floor - it's probably a wash. cross-contamination and all. :( BUT as long as it remains inside the compact, it's clean and good to go!
* for extra protection when you travel, consider adding a cotton round inside your compacts between the powder and the lid.

and if that doesn't make your day - this definitely will:

love these amazing (and adorable) sisters representing my city well on the new ABC Series NASHVILLE. have you been watching?


Anonymous said...

WOW I always end up throwing away the broken makeup. Thanks for showing me. I have been watching. Neat show.

Kim Howard

akwiinas said...

Very good tip, I had no idea I can use alcohol for fixing makeup! Nice! :)

That video in the end of post is so great, that I decided to share it in my blog http://akwiinas.blogspot.com/2012/11/music-inspiration.html as well, thank you for showing it! :)

Blair Munday said...

isn't that the best tip - ever!?! hopefully it will save us all the big $s.

Ciona said...

Oh! Love. Tip and video!!

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