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my singer 15-91 obsession.

if you follow along on FB or instagram or have run into me in person lately - you're quite aware that i've become a bit obsessed w/ old singer sewing machines. with much research, i purchased a beautiful singer 15-91 from stagecoach road sewing (reborn sewing machines on etsy). the wait was impossible!!! but she finally arrived last week.

isn't she lovely ...

why the 15-91, you ask? 

it was between the singer 201-2 & the 15-91. both include cast iron body and the same gear driven internal motor (aka - no belt - perfect for thicker materials!). they use the same needles and low shank, screw-on feet and attachments & have the same quality straight stitch + reverse feed. there's a difference in hook type, bobbin size, light placement and a slight difference in harp size (read more here), but the biggest difference is price. released around the same time, the more expensive 201 was known as the "dressmaker's machine" while the 15-91 was slightly cheaper and known as the "farmer's wife's machine". let's face it folks ... i'm much more of a "farmer's wife" type. :)

i was also completely sold seeing how excited mike from stagecoach road sewing was over my pretty girl. (yes - there's a video.)

of course - once i bought the machine, i had a new mission. she needed a home. the mother of one of wade's friends from high school saw that i was buying a machine on FB and offered us an old table that she had in the basement as long as we took the broken machine inside w/ it to dispose. we like free! we drove to gallatin over the weekend to pick it up. (thank you, deb!)

unfortunately we soon found out that older singer's require very specific cabinets. wade promised that he could jerry-rig the table to work - but instead we decided to check out craigslist and see if we could find a bargain cabinet that fit exactly. yup - i became OBSESSED again. i think i checked craigslist on the hour for the entire weekend.

and then on monday am (at 9.25 to be exact) ... the post:

singer sewing machine in cabinet. model 15-91. works and is in great shape - was my great grandmother's and i simply do not have space. comes with every attachment you can think of!

i pounced! so ...

see that little desk perfectly fitted for the 1 spare corner of our bedroom. well it's so much more than just an absolutely adorable little antique writing desk. it houses my refurbished 15-91 & is the 1st piece to our sewing nook puzzle! yes - an excuse to decorate! peekaboo:

that means that we now have:

4 sewing machines and 2 sewing machine tables!! 
  • 1 rinky-dink kenmore sewing machine (my original - which i'll keep as a backup - and until i get a zig-zag stitch attachment for my 15-91).
  • 1 broken 1980's model viking.
  • 1 singer 15-91 (in working condition - but in need of some TLC and possibly rewiring).
  • and my prized possession: 1 completely refurbished singer 15-91.
yes - in our 500-something square foot sweat shop apartment.

(the not so pretty twin! - still super pretty, eh?)


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