Test Title 1

it's a celebration: 2 years!

we celebrated our 2nd anniversary w/ a nice quiet dinner at home last night. wade picked up dinner at the tin angel around the corner from our house and i created ambiance!! ;)

fine china & crystal, candles, the pretty bouquet wade had delivered earlier in the day & ray lamontagne on vinyl in the middle of our blooming container garden. our own private 5 star restaurant. i even dressed up our terrace lighting w/ yellow and white draped streamers. (note to self: next time check the wind speed! they were pretty - but a bit of a fire hazard once the wind started blowing.)

i have a feeling we'll be spending many more evenings out on the porch this fall!


Faith said...

TOOOO CUTE! Can we join you in a romantic dinner on the container garden patio one night?

Happy Anniversary!!

Jessica Martinez said...

Just f.y.i. I nominated you for the Liebster blog award! Check out my post for more details!


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