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our week >> according to instagram

i was a mopey exhausted mess all day sunday:
  • i didn't get wade a cake for his actual birthday - *tears*. (we had cupcakes over the weekend)
  • neither of us took pictures during our camping trip - *tears*. (our friend reed a professional photographer took TONS of pictures)
  • i accidentally washed our pennant which turned it into a shrively green mess - *tears* (i made approx 40 & could certainly make one more!)
no wonder wade wanted to get the heck out of dodge!  (i kid - he was actually 100% supportive!) but it was back to the regular ol' swing of things. out of the woods - into the office. we celebrated wade's birthday on monday w/ chocolate chip pancakes, camp leftovers and bowling (for his co-worker molly's birthday)! then on tuesday morning he flew to NYC for a week of work & i spent the rest of the week attempting to recoup. he's home now - for a few days until he leaves again on monday. so happy he's back in town!

i loved // my super supportive husband. i made a big ol purchase this week. wade was the instigator. with his encouragement, we pulled cash out of savings and took step 1! now we're coming up with a business plan and researching materials. i'm so thankful for a husband who really believes in me & challenges me! i promise to be less vague in the near future!
i learned // it's time to kick my sugar habit. i've been extremely lazy lately with my sugar intake and go straight for the sweets vs anything good for me. time to reprogram! my sugar sweet friend (okay that was pun-y and awful) kristen over at naturally free rd has been a big supporter in my transition to gluten-free living. she wrote a fantastic article on sugars - sugar 101: the truth about sugars & sweeteners.

i liked //
i look forward to //  this weekend i'm volunteering w/ world vision at musician's corner. in the nashville area? come on down. hear free music (the blind boys of alabama, karen elson, a nashville symphony quartet and jeremy lister!). order up some yummy food truck cuisine. and say hello!


whatnomints said...

Thanks so much for linking to my pumpkin spice garland! Also - just so you know - I just took the garland off reserve. The woman who was initially interested never purchased!

Thanks again and cute blog!!

Blair Munday said...

your shop is wonderful! so excited to share. & i've updated! let's get that last one sold! :) i need more fun $$$! or it would be mine already.

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