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an itty bitty redwood forest

remember that mushroom kit we got as a very random wedding gift? well we're trying out another growing kit. wade did really good this year for my birthday - and one gift was this adorable dawn redwood bonsai forest kit from potting shed creations:

Dawn Redwood Forest

redwoods are pretty special around here. this little forest will be a mini version of the the giant sequoia redwood tree in boston public gardens that we were engaged beneath. best gift ever, right?

want to know a few fun little redwood facts?
• these tiny trees are actually ancestors of the giant california redwood - which can grow up to 10 STORIES tall.
• the redwoods found in boston public gardens are super special bc they normally grown in much milder weather. that's why they thrive in northern california.
• dawn redwoods were thought to be extinct until the 1940s when one was discovered growing in a rice field in central china.
• even though its towering relative is an evergreen tree, the dawn redwood is one of only two known deciduous conifers. woah science talk. that means that its needles turn from green to yellow then copper in the winter.  a mini remind of the seasons on your desk or kitchen window.
{credit: potting shed creations, mini us retouch by me!}

and now i wait impatiently for our little forest to grow! 

while i wait - it's time for me to start gathering ideas for wade's big 30th. 
got the perfect gift idea? let me know!


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