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revlon expression experiment: challenge accepted!

This post brought to you by Revlon. All opinions are 100% mine.

the countdown is on ... i'm 10 days from turning 30.

i mentioned last week that i might be having a slight crisis. i ordered a sample of emu oil (yes bird juice!) promising younger looking skin. i brought a picture of a rock star to my stylist and asked for "her hair". i've walked over 15 miles since saturday in 90 degree heat hoping my teenage butt will make a reappearance. i asked wade if it would be weird for the mother of his children to have a tattoo sleeve. yes - though i still haven't bought that neon bra - i might be having a slight crisis.

just in time, i stumbled upon the Revlon Expression Experiment.

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Revlon's mission has always been to inspire and encourage women to express themselves! Revlon Expression Experiment celebrates the essence of the Revlon brand while engaging w/ the modern consumer. their interactive Revlon Expression Experiment Facebook App includes how-to video tutorials with celebrity makeup artists, weekly makeup application tips, product recommendations and most importantly monthly challenges!

as a participating blogger, i received a kit including 4 separate challenges:

1 // the bright eyes eye shadow challenge
2 // the perfect canvas makeup primer challenge
3 // the daring nail polish challenge
4 // the red lipstick challenge  - this month's challenge on the Revlon Expression Experiment Facebook App

what better way to usher in my 30s than RED LIPSTICK? challenge accepted!!!

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 {source: revlon}

i typically wear a little concealer as spot treatment, a neutral eye shadow + a little mascara and a soft peach blush on the apples of my cheeks. very minimal. you could maybe even call my look "makeup boring". adding a red lip to my morning routine was anything but boring! and completely rev-ed up my wardrobe - my typical white t-shirt and skinnies felt "blair gone fashionista" w/ a bright red pout! how crazy is that!?! the challenge gave an extra bold boost to both my look and my confidence.

FOR WORK:                                        FOR PLAY:                                     FOR EVENING:

all 3 of the samples were amazing reds! but I personally like the ColorBurst Lip Butter in Cherry Tart the best. the buttery balm made my lips feel younger and healthier. and since i usually only wear gloss, the red was a bit less intimidating than the Lustrous Lipstick and ColorBurst Lip Gloss (a very thick, high pigment gloss).

a few tips to going RED:

avoid dark eye makeup. pair your red lipstick w/ light eye makeup. i wear a nude eye shadow w/ shimmer & a little mascara.

prevent bleeding. apply a little concealer around the edge of your mouth & powder to your lips to keep your color on your kisser!

avoid a red teeth disaster. after applying your lipstick, place your finger in your mouth, purse your lips around it and then slowly pull it out to remove excess color.

uh oh! check out this ehow link for "how to remove lipstick stains from fabric".

okay - now it's your turn! join the movement of self expression with the Revlon Expression Experiment Facebook App. there's still time to jump on this month's red lipstick bandwagon - and you'll be all set for next month's challenge! CLICK HERE to sign up and let me know below if it's a "challenge accepted".

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