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april showers: the games

i'm not a big shower gamer. i basically failed the "how well do you know wade" trivia game during my own shower. in front of all my aunts and female cousins and family friends, my worst fear was confirmed ... i didn't even know the man i was about to commit my entire life to! i mean - it's extremely important to know his shoe size and favorite super hero, right!?!

so when i was asked as part of my "to do list" for the shower last weekend to come up w/ activities ... i was anti putting angela on the spot in front of my brother's family and friends. 

game 1 // i found a great "he says she says" game through pinterest. (see the original here on made sweet.) i interviewed ross and angela ahead of time w/ simple questions like "what did you think of him/her when you first met" and "what's your favorite thing to do together". and then i quized the shower guests instead! to add a personalized touch - i created silhouettes of the bride and groom in illustrator. (serious blackmail possibilities in the future w/ the cellphone profile pictures i created these from!)
game 2 // as initiation into the "old wives club" i decided to quiz angela and the rest of the shower attendees on their "old wives tales" knowledge. there are so many funny old wives tales out there ... and it was even more fun to hear what the guests came up w/ even if their answers weren't exactly correct. for example: gain a child lose a ______.  no not "social life" ... and thankfully not "sex life!" either. the tale is actually "gain a child lose a tooth!" and apparently this one has some truth to it - see here

download a copy of the "old wives tales" game HERE!

and of course, what fun is a party game w/o a prize! we found these adorable mini galvanized watering cans (in the dollar bins) at target. add a pair of bright green gardening gloves and a dahlia - and you have the perfect spring shower prize!!!


Ashley Dyas said...

Hi Blair I go to church with your parents, just found your blog from instagram. So cute!

Blair Munday said...

thanks ashley! i love your blog - and your old door table! so cute. glad you've found me! :)

Jake and Cristy said...

Love the Old Wives Tales game and my just have to steal it...do you happen to have the answers?

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