Test Title 1

we're pretty much super heroes ...

thanks to the vanderbilt travel clinic, we now have about 75% immunity! yesterday i received 2 vaccinations in my left arm and 3 in my right. and wade received 3 having already had lifetime immunity for polio and hep-a. and we're not quite finished. we'll each need to pick up a prescription for malaria pills plus anti-diarrhea pills (let's pray we don't have to use those!). and i need to get an updated tetanus shot.

typhoid ... √ we got this
yellow fever  ... √ no problem
meningitis ... √ bring it
hepatitis a ... √ you got nothing on these mundays
polio ... √ puh-lease

amazingly my 5 vaccinations wasn't a travel clinic record. something about a guy leaving for a job w/ national geographic getting 1 of everything. how awesome would that be!?!

{b} pretending to be brave                                 {w} pretending to be afraid

wow - just talking about all of this makes my arm hurt. not to mention our wallet! 936 buckaroos later!!! (say a little prayer we can get some of that covered by our insurance!)

so ... want to know WHY we're getting doped up??? pretty excited to share our news TOMORROW! come on back, y'all.


Remy Hadley said...

You're definitely a lot braver than I'd ever be!! Ouchies!

Remy / Cinnamon Bubbles

Blaire said...

Are you going to Africa?

Blair Munday said...

you're on to us!!! :)

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