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hello munday

a few instagram shots from our weekend:

{clockwise from upper left}

1 // many of you messaged about "the super cell" that was heading directly for nashville on friday. thankfully the storm wasn't quite what they had expected. w + i took shelter w/ friends chris & faith and enjoyed a little candlelit game playing until the electricity came back on. check out that HAIL!?! (photo courtesy: chandra)

2 // you didn't realize that nashville is the athens of the south, did you? saturday am our running team met at the parthenon for our mid-training run! 6.5 miles. yeowch. did i mention we're running for a great cause? read about it here. :) i need to get on my fundraising. we're asking $1 a mile. that's $13.10 for me and $26.20 for wade (yes - he's running the FULL!).

3 // i bought supplies for a fun little sewing project. but unfortunately didn't even start it over the weekend! would you believe that we have 4 friends having baby boys this month!?! crazy! time to make some welcome home presents.

4 // wow - i've been baking a lot lately. thankfully w + i are running must of it off. :) these yummy lemon bars are based on this recipe from the baking beauties. and they are the perfect equation of light fluffy crust and lemon tart! i modified the "all-purpose flour mix" by using sweet rice flour instead of brown rice flour since it's what i had on hand. while brown rice flour would have been a bit healthier, at least the lemon will fight off scurvy. ;)

i hope you had a super fun weekend.


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