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pipe dreams

plumber's crack? not hot.
furniture made from plumbing materials? now that's hot ...

our 9' wide x 7.5' tall bookshelves were our first project / furniture purchase as a married couple. easy peasy and a lot cheaper than purchasing metal & wood bookshelves the same size. wade is grateful that they add a bit of masculinity to our apartment. i'm just plain smitten w/ using industrial elements as decor.

check out these other sexy plumbing inspired projects ...

{clockwise from upper left}

we need a bigger house! obviously it would be a bit much to decorate the entire bedroom w/ pipe desk, bed, & coat hanger in addition to our bookshelf and bedside lamps. {someday!}

a little bonus:
while maybe that canopy bed is out of the current picture,
make your own industrial pipe curtain rods.

a quick trip to the hardware store:
2 1/2" floor flange ... $10.50
1/2" x 2" long nipples ... $2.00

TOTAL: $23.00
compare to west elm's version: $69.00


The Sugar Mountain said...

I really might have to do those curtain rods! I've got big bare windows and I love the edgy look (and cheapness) of these! Thanks!

Blair Munday said...

i agree. i saw 8' pipes at about $16.00. and i'm sure they are MUCH sturdier than the west elm versions.

Cindy said...

I looove all of this! Very cool EVERYTHING!!!

Melissa said...

Not to sound terribly stupid, but how does one go about hanging the curtains from the rod, or rather taking them down to wash? I'd like to make one, and use it with grommet curtains I own, but I'm not sure how easy it would be to remove the curtains when they need to be taken down.

Blair Munday said...

wow! i can honestly admin that's something i haven't thought about. i guess you could possibly get curtain rings that open (like those that you use w/ a shower curtain?). you've stumped me!

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