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trimming the tree: cranberries + popcorn

we found the sweetest pine on sunday afternoon. perfect for our itsy apartment. unlike last year, this gal is a lean machine - incredibly health and slim (enough that we can still open our living room closet - hooray!). we've been little by little trimming the tree over the past 3 days. 1 part busy busy december + 2 parts picky picky me.

by now you've probably picked up that wade and i are old @ heart. we're not modern nor trendy 1960s vintage ... rather 1860s primitive. and our christmas tree patterns that precisely ... glowing w/ white lights and draped w/ vintage lace and gold beads.

and this year another classic: cranberry + popcorn garland.

a wee bit of a task (poor husband and his many tangles) ...

but definitely worth it in the end ...

what's your christmas tree style?


our newest munday family tradition (borrowed from my sister and her husband):

instead of silly souvenir t-shirts or shot glasses from family trips, collect an ornament! this is our ornament from hawaii - a sweet little sea urchin <--- and currently the only ornament we've hung.

time to get busy!


Faith said...

very pretty and so you! I love the new ornament so so much. My Christmas tree style spawns from my childhood trees... Colorful, fun, big 40's style bulbs, some might call it tacky, I call it home.

Merry Christmas!

Brenna said...

So cute! Love the lace and the popcorn cranberry garland. Fun contrast! I love that you can decorate with with things like popcorn and its super cool these days!

Cindy said...

We do the EXACT same thing. 10ish popcorns and a cranberry. I agree, SO worth it. And the birds love it later. :) I also have given my stepkids a new ornament each year, just like my mom did for us. Now, my ornaments from childhood hang on my tree. One day my kids' ornaments will hang on their trees. :)

Keri Fabin said...

Awe, we used to string popcorn and cranberries when I was younger- love it! The lace is so so pretty, too.

Love your blog... the other day I followed your DIY burlap stocking directions to make my own. They look so so adorable. Thank you for sharing!!

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