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on the 3rd day of g-free christmas ...

if i had to limit all of my holiday baking to one type of christmas cookie, i would most definitely opt for sugar cookies. since as far back as i remember, it has been a tradition in our home to decorate cookies at christmas (and every holiday in between!). despite being gfree, the tradition must live on w/ wade and i and our future family!

  {my brother ross, sisters brooke & leigh, me and bro-in-law josh - christmas 1999}

{wade - christmas 2009}
thankfully, i just happened to stumble on the yummiest gluten-free sugar cookie recipe via gluten-free girl & the chef. it is absolutely a winner! (oprah.com, gourmet.com, and bonappetit.com having voted their blog one of the best food blogs in the world ... all w/o a hint of gluten.) three cheers! 

the perfect sugar cookie (not too sweet) + powdered sugar icing (way too sweet) = my ultimate favorite christmas treat:

my mom would wrangle all of us into the kitchen to decorate. she taught us how to carefully use pastry bags so that they wouldn't burst and which tips worked best. but most of all she encouraged us to be creative (why yes that is a "christmas cow"). then when our hands were tired, we would grab a big glass of milk and pick out our least impressive cookie to "taste test"!
nowadays when we are all back in town for christmas, we still decorate! that makes it officially christmas! my sister discovered these decorator bottles from pampered chef which are perfect for beginners and kids (and husbands).

 what's your ultimate favorite christmas treat?


Rachel Smith said...

I miss doing this at the house with you guys. You guys were always way better than me since you were pros lol.

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

bah! rachel - you are just as creative as the rest of us. just maybe under practiced. ;) miss you cousin. wish you were coming home this year.

Emily said...

Definitely oreo balls.... there is a great g-free recipe on Joy the Baker today of a chocolate peppermint cake roll. Thought of you when I read it:)

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

oh yum! to both.

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