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{ hello munday }

hello lovelies! we're home. :) a little sad to be home from vacation ... and the icky rain isn't helping, nashville. while the weather outside is frightful ... here's a delightful hello munday to cheer you up:

{source: deck // me, prep // photo: b. gustafson/styling: c. stills johnson, yum // clipart}

deck // introducing one very naked tree complete w/ garbage bag tree skirt. very nice! w+i were anxious to pick out the perfect tree after we arrived home on saturday. now to find time to decorate her. in the meantime, i have added light. her magnificent glow and smell fill our little apartment w/ holiday cheer!
prep // wade and i are preparing for the holidays by hitting the gym extra extra hard. inspired by my sister + the 2 days a week she attends boot camp, we went to our first workout class this am. it's the level 1 class at our gym. level one, my abs (pg-ed). i felt nauseous for 2 HOURS after the class. yes - i'm that out of shape.

yum // and since we're being good little gym-attenders, we might as well have a little fun! tomorrow's the first day of our 12 days of gluten-free christmas. y'all ready for this!?! having missed out on half the fun @ thanksgiving, i most certainly am!

{source: serve // west elm, eat // paula dean, shop // burberry, make // real simple}

serve // i'm not talking about on these adorable west elm dessert plates - though yes, i looooove them too. w+i started advent yesterday ... a few days behind schedule. two years ago our church provided this great family advent devotional. it has great interactive ideas for the full family. do check it out! this week, we are challenged to share love. one teeny-tiny way we plan to do this is to purchase pocket hand-warmers for the homeless newspaper distributors that we come in contact w/ this month. we're also going to prepare a box of christmas cookies for our neighbor. how do you plan to serve this holiday season?

eat // feliz navidad. ha! we brought this yummy and healthy sizzling fajitas recipe home w/ us from hawaii. way to go paula dean! substitute olive oil for vegetable oil for an even healthier meal.

shop // okay okay i know i should be christmas shopping. but i can't pass up a bargain. especially when it's my ultimate favorite scent. yesterday i found burberry brit @ tj maxx for $25. woo hoo. i so wish this computer was scratch and sniff. have you had the pleasure of catching a whiff of burberry brit? it's my ultimate favorite!

make // last year we stumbled upon freshly trimmed magnolia branches along the side of the street. we brought them home and went to town making wreaths & garland for the apt. this year we haven't gotten so lucky. but i did stumble upon this lovely wreath DIY from real simple. très élégant! i also love the idea of using boxwood. decisions decisions.


Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Burberry Brit is one of my favorite perfumes! Such a classic.

Noemí said...

Beautiful christmas tree!!!!

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

agreed, lindsay! and i'm a pretty picky perfume person.

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