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home sweet home

hi lovelies .. i have been incredibly absent this week. my apologies! so what exactly has been keeping me from the blog? well ... a little of everything:

1 // w + i are finally back in town for the next 2 weekends in a row (hip hip hooray!). settling into life off the road, i did some major cleaning! √ suitcases unpacked + clothes laundered & put away, √ fresh sheets & towels, √ floors swept & mopped throughout the house, √ piles of filing, √ each room dusted ... the list goes on & on. nothing like a clean house to make you feel accomplished! now to conquer our closets (... small house problems).

2 // i finally got around to finishing a couple of projects that have been on the to do list for quite some time now. *hint hint* 

3 // w+i have a little under 3 weeks until we're in hawaii! aloha, vacation. that means i'm doing double time @ the office trying to make sure i don't have to work remotely. i've also been picking up a couple spare jobs so that we have a bit of add'l fun money + christmas gift money. yikes people - christmas is just around the corner!

and last but not least ...

4 // i finished our wedding book ... oh ... only 1 year + 1 month after the big day! i'm pretty excited to have this monster of a project finished. have you printed anything through blurb? their books came w/ high recommendation from a good photographer friend. and i'm pretty excited about their reasonably priced pro-line. now fingers crossed that we don't turn out neon pink once printed!

i'll be back soon w/ more on #2. but in the meantime, here's a little preview of our finished book:


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