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eat // yummy gfree apple crisp! w+i took a trip to a u-pick apple orchard a few weeks back w/ friends chris and faith. fyi - apple picking is a september activity. we were there when the trees were very limited. but we collected enough to make a yummy gfree apple crisp. click here for the recipe (modified from betty crocker).

adorn // your thanksgiving table w/ these fantastic ideas via southern living! i teased last week that too many of my friends are skipping from halloween directly to christmas. but i'm all about thanksgiving and i am a teeny bit sad that we won't be hosting a thanksgiving of our very own. (remember - we'll be in hawaii visiting my sister + her hubs and little boys. that's why it's just a "teeny bit".) maybe i can sneak an heirloom pumpkin or two on the plane. oh - i kid.

win // a lovely giveaway teaser! TOMORROW we're having a fun-tastic giveaway here on the blog from the lovely ladies @ make&mingle. i'm pretty stinkin' excited. and you should be too. so please stop back by tomorrow for all the details!

make // this adorable bow diy by oh so lovely on my girl thursday today. w+i went to a wedding saturday night {congrats, rachel + mike} and i struggled big time w/ my hair. and finally gave in and wore it the usual boring way. time to google some hair-torials. wouldn't these little bows be a fun addition as well? and they make it soooo easy-peasy. yes please.

{source: share // darlingmagazine, gift // korin, listen // david nail}

share // have you checked out darlingmagazine? a sweet twitter friend shared this lovely site last week {thanks, hé ré}. 1) choose your personality. 2) explore! no worries if you have multiple personalities - apparently me too. loving all the posts about "the hostess", "the dreamer" & "the achiever" ... then again ALL of the articles are super great reads. do check it out.

gift // these adorable mugtails from korin featured in real simple this month. adorable (and i'm not the only person to think so ... due to overwhelming demand you wouldn't be gift these until february 2012). if there was such thing as a city animal, nashville's would be the squirrel. i prefer them in my dishware - rather than in real life. and bonus: wouldn't these go sweetly w/ last year's squirrel nutcracker?

listen // david nail's new album is in stores tomorrow! and w+i are thrilled out of our minds. yup. we love him. he's country, yes ... but he's also bluesy cool. i played his last album straight for about 3mo. really have high hopes for this album as well. and just in time for 7hrs of listening (aka our flight to hawaii NEXT week!)


chrissy said...

thank you for the link to 'darling magazine.' so lovely!


Hé Ré said...

Wow... I am way behind on your blog!
But I'm glad you liked Darling Mag :)
And thanks for the shout out! hehe!

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