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{ hello munday } from hawaii ...

hello lovelies! i took a bit of vacation time last weds, thurs & friday ... but i'm back somewhat. we still have 5 days left in hawaii. yahoo! and we have a very packed schedule between now and friday. today a bit of a hawaiian {hello munday} w/ just a few of our adventures thus far ...

{source: explore // aloha top 10, drink/eat // me, hike // wade}

explore // today we went to haunama bay to snorkel! when we arrived at the cove, we watched a video about the reef that emphasized how important it is to not stand up on the reef. this made me a very nervous snorkel-er ... such a rule follower. but we were able to see lots of amazing fish. winter is the perfect time to visit hawaii - this was our only "tourist heavy" day thus far.

drink // okay okay - maybe this doesn't count as a drink. but for the ultimate sugar high, you have to stop by matsumoto's in haliewa for shaved ice w/ ice cream! i'm trying to convince wade that nashville needs a remote location. yum!

eat // if you're heading out for an intense day dodging waves at waimea bay (w+my favorite beach)? you must first grab breakfast @ konos in haliewa. while i have been a good girl sticking to my gfree diet, wade enjoyed yummy waffles topped w/ bananas and macadamia nuts. again yum!

hike // doesn't this picture look fake? wade captured it yesterday while exploring the wiliwilinui ridge trail w/ my brother-in-law, brandon. 3.5 miles + red mud and ropes? instead my sister leigh and i opted for a chill day at the "rich people beach" complete w/ valet parking and drink service on the beach.

{source: wear // hawaiian tropic + neutrogena, catch // asp/cestari, yum! // le cupcakerie}

wear // okay what gives!?! wade has been wearing neutrogena's wet skin sunblock (spf 50) since we arrived, while i've been wearing hawaiian tropic's tanning creme lotion (spf 2). and who's the one w/ the amazing tan??? WADE. gah. i used to be known as "brown bear blair" (way back in the day before my older cousin's started calling me "blair blair underwear"). not so much anymore.

catch // a wave! wade and i mastered ... okay not really ... attempted surfing yesterday w/ brandon. leigh & brandon own a long board - which i'll go ahead and say was the coolest board on the beach even if none of us can surf. the last time i was in hawaii (5 years ago) i actually stood up a few times. i guess i am getting older - bc that didn't happen this time. speaking of surfing ... the real surfers go to north shore in the winter when the waves are huge. w+i might make another trip up to haleiwa to catch the vans triple crown surf competition.

yum! // another of my hawaiian favorites - bubbies! we stopped by bubbies after snorkeling today for mochi - gourmet ice cream wrapped in sweetened rice confection! wade went all chocolate - chocolate/vanilla, chocolate/peanut butter, and chocolate mint. and i tried raspberry, chocolate/vanilla and this month's special pumpkin (double yum!).

wow - i'm talking a LOT about food! probably not a good thing considering we've been in our swimsuits pretty much 24/7. ha! but that's what vacation is all about, right!?! now we're off to catch up w/ an old friend who is also stationed at pearl harbor for dinner. hope you're well, blog friends. :) miss you.


Green Zebra Market Garden said...

Those little ice cream things look a lot like mochi balls? Is that what they are?

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

Yup. Exactly! From Bubbies. My favorite.

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