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bits and bobs {part 2}

well ... it took me over a month to collect/create each piece. and another to find a round mirror - necessary for the perfect arrangement that i had in my head. and then even longer to find a free saturday morning to hang everything ... but i'm excited to finally share our very own bits & bobs wall with you all:

did you miss my earlier post w/ all kinds of inspiration? check it out here.
so what exactly does our wall include thus far?

a few links to my little creations:
* {PINspired} bouquet paint by number
* {PINspired}for the love of maps
* mix & match {clip}art

of course - i just said thus far. as with everything, our little bits & bobs wall is a work in progress. we're living on a budget people - so i planning to pick up additions little by little.  {in fact, i might have already ordered this adorable watercolor calendar from oh my deer on etsy.}

completely random ... but a huge hooray for this better homes & gardens tip: use kraft paper & painter's tape to determine your arrangement before you start banging holes in your walls! so very helpful!


Tara said...

Your wall looks so great, Blair! Love all the different pieces.

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

thanks tara! when are you due!?! soon?

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