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{ PINspired } paper projects!

i had planned to head home from the office during my lunch break today to snap a couple of pictures of my 1st finished pottery pieces. (oh the life of blogging w/ a full-time job!) and then as i grabbed my purse to head out the front door ... i realized that i had walked today. my car derek was getting an oil change. darn.

so instead ... how about a couple {PINspired} projects:

today's {PINspiration}: this adorable yarn ball garland by little glass box & these perfect for fall (but might not ever come down) paper bag flowers by a place for us ...

{click here for tutorial}                                           {click here for tutorial}
{source: (l) little glass box, (r) a place for us}

"and the windows?" you ask. you might have seen them before:

{photos courtesy: adrian hitt photography}

they were used for our seating charts at our wedding. w/ a paint marker ... i carefully painted each guest name on to 5 different windows the thursday before our wedding. a little tip: print your text to size. tape it behind each pane ... then simply trace! i've used the same technique to add a verse from the blessing at the end of our ceremony to 2 of the windows and they now hang above our piano. if only my penmanship were that lovely ... in reality i have "20 // relearn to write in cursive" on my {30 before 30} list

my goal this weekend is to decorate a bit for fall! seriously - pathetic. tonight we're heading to the pumpkin patch & a cornmaze/hayride w/ our small group. and tomorrow we're going camping & stopping @ an orchard on the way. if that doesn't get me inspired NOTHING will! :) hope you have a wonderful weekend ... do something fall-ish!


and yes i'm going to say this one last time ... you have until midnight TONIGHT to sign up for the stella & dot giveaway hosted by independent stylist melissa olson. don't miss out. click the link below for details!


Kendahl said...

Hey Blair! Love all your projects - can I offer a suggestion from a dedicated reader? ;) Any chance you could use something to mark which of the projects are from pinterest and which ones are yours? Haha the images are all so good that I'm often pretty confused as to what you are marking as something you did vs. something you found on Pinterest. Does that even makes sense? Maybe I am just too blonde to figure it out myself? Sorry! Hope all is well!

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

Thanks Kendahl. Normally I source below each pinned image that isn't mine. Forgot this time. Will do so now.

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

I love the yarn ball garland idea! Isn't Pinterest the best?!

Enter to win an iPhone case here!

kendahl said...

haha! I'm sure it's just me - I didn't notice there was/wasn't a link. So that first pic with the windows is yours - sweet! LOVE it! :) I wish I had motivation to actually recreate the things I find on Pinterest!

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