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our moroccan wedding blanket

at last we we've displayed our moroccan wedding blanket ...

moroccan wedding blankets, also known as handira, are hand-loomed from sheep's wool, cotton and linen in the berber villages of the middle atlas mountains in northern morocco. then the prospective bride and her female relatives carefully sew each sequin by hand. the wedding blanket is not only for warmth and decoration for the bride ... but it is also believed to bring baraka - moroccan for good luck & blessings.

we decided that a vintage wedding blanket would be the perfect souvenir of our honeymoon in morocco. and yes it has taken us over a year to find the perfect place for it within our home. there are so many beautiful ideas online ... at the foot of a bed, draped over a couch or as a lovely rug. for now ... we've decided to display it as art in our entryway.

interested in getting a wedding blanket of your own? maryam of my marrakesh & peacock pavilions hand picks vintage moroccan wedding blankets and sells them through her blog ... click here.

and to read about our amazing trip ...
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2 // day 3, 4 & 5: marrakech

3 // day 6 & 7: essaouira


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Anonymous said...

I posted & commented!! Crossing my fingers:)

Anonymous said...

Love the wedding blanket - how did you manage to get the 'goat' smell out??

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