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{ hello munday } new orleans edition

hello, beautiful people. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! we're back from ANOTHER weekend away - this time visiting new orleans. i'm still putting the final touches on our (very last minute) halloween costume ... so in the meantime, today's {hello munday} is new orleans inspired. enjoy!

{source: stay & make // me, visit // gonola.com, drink // the purposed heart}

stay // our trip to new orleans was technically a work trip for my husband. marriott brought in several conference planners + press folks to tour the city (and of course their hotels). we got the full voodoo experience! we arrived thursday and caught up w/ the gang @ muriel's on jackson square. afterwards, we toured the streets of the french quarter as part of a funeral procession which led us to lafitte's blacksmith shop. in between hotel tours on friday, we visited st. louis cemetery number one & took a tour of the bayou ... ending the day w/ the most spectacular halloween party! and then, w + i had a free day on saturday to do our own exploring. a big thanks to the marriott gang!

make // these adorable pumpkin centerpieces. every hotel planned a meal for our group. the table decor @ the jw was adorable. somebody had been pinning!

visit // we walked bourbon street ... but for a true new orleans' experience, we're so thankful that the locals encouraged us to visit frenchmen street! apparently it is what bourbon street was like before the tourists invaded! such a fun street w/ amazing entertainment and yummy food!

drink // pumpkin eggnog! just don't count your calories while you do it! we were fine dined all weekend & wade LOVED it. unfortunately being g-free  is a bit difficult in nola & being allergic to shellfish is incredibly difficult in new orleans ... so i enjoyed each and every calorie of my pumpkin eggnog. got you salivating? check out this yummy recipe from the purposed heart.

{source: eat, tour & wear // me, shop // french quarter condo trends}

eat // okay i cheated. i had a beignet from cafe du monde. yum! in fact i double cheated - not only was i not supposed to have gluten, but w+i didn't notice the gigantic line @ the door until after we had found a table and had our order. woops! for those that do have to stand in line, this deep-fried powdered sugared treat is definitely worth the wait!

tour // st. louis cemetery no. 1 and find a) marie laveau "the voodoo queen of new orleans" grave ... mark it with 3 x's and make a wish ... if you dare! & b) nicholas cage's pyramid shaped family grave. over the top. beware of the snakes!

shop // magazine street in the garden district. w+i planned to take the st. charles streetcar to the garden district, but we didn't have exact cash. so then we decided we would walk ... and um ended up walking in the complete opposite direction (aka bonus tour of tremè). finally we made it to magazine street & enjoyed lunch & a drink @ ms. mae's on magazine street w/ a friend from home . next time i ditch the boys AND SHOP! they had everything!

and last but not least ...

wear // an alligator mohawk - apparently it's the biggest thing in the bayou! okay not really. but we definitely recommend an airboat tour! our guide was fantastic. sidenote: wade is not so much afraid of this itty bitty alligator as he is the threat of alligator pee (aka gatoraid) in his hair for the rest of our long day of tours!

there was definitely too much to do in just 3 short days - especially since our first 2 days were pretty busy w/ hotel tours. so what did we miss? w+i definitely plan to make another trip.

i'm off to do a little sewing! hope you have a very fun day!


AmberLeigh said...

Glad you had fun! Next time you guys visit, get breakfast at Cake Cafe in the Marigny. They have the best fresh fruit french toast ever!

Faith said...

So glad yall got to sneak into Cafe du Monde. It's THE BEST!! And such a New Orleans tradition. Too bad you didn't get to eat any of the amazing seafood dishes they have in Nola. :(

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