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{ PINspired } paint by number.

are you as addicted to pinterest as i am!?! i have to make a conscious effort to avoid it during the work day or i can get lost pinning for hours on end! hours, people! yikes.

all that time pinning needed purpose. and so to motivate myself and to share a few of my ultimate favorite finds ... i introduce a new series on the blog {PINspired}!

today's {PINspiration}: this paint by number project by ashley ann of under the sycamore.

 {source: under the sycamore}

w/ $10 burning a hole in my pocket ... i hit up garage sales last weekend w/ the intention to buy bits and bobs for the boring 'ol wall in the living room. i printed out a few of the inspiration walls that i had shared last week to keep me on task (talk about garage sale-ing w/ purpose!). included in the inspiration was ashley ann's living room - and her paint by number bouquet. to my delight, i came upon a similar bouquet print for just $2.00:

for the full diy on under the sycamore - click here.

i've been ultra busy working on little projects for our bits and bobs wall. so here's a little bonus {PINspired} project i wrapped up last week:

{PINspiration}                                                     {PINspired}

{unfortunately pinterest isn't always the best for finding the original source. if you know who designed this original print - please let me know!}


Ellen @ Black & White & Loved All Over said...

soooo cool! I love them both.

AmberLeigh said...

A friend and tried this Saturday. Didn't turn out quite as good as yours, but was still a really fun project!

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

ooh glad you gave it a go! i'm sure your versions are lovely, too! :) now to find a frame and get this art up.

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