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{ hello munday } our first anniversary

a bit of a different {hello munday} this week. instead - a recap of our 1st anniversary celebration(s) yesterday! celebration(s) - bc both wade and i were determined to plan the day. as a compromise - we split the day into 2 parts: i planned breakfast & wade planned dinner.

part 1: a sunrise breakfast picnic.

i kicked wade out of the apartment on saturday so i could do all of my preparation ahead of time. {it is after all almost impossible to keep a surprise when living in a 750 sq foot apartment.} thanks to some {PINspiration}, i prepared a little sunrise picnic for radnor lake:

* an old quilt
* a couple of books of poetry
* orange juice & champagne for mimosas
* heart-shaped honeydew & cantaloupe
* a yogurt, granola, dry fruit & nut parfait
* mini mason jar strawberry pies
* two warm mugs of jasmine green tea
* our wedding china & silver
* and these yummy cinnamon & sugar french breakfast muffins (via velvet lava cafe):

on sunday morning, i woke wade a bit after 6. we packed our picnic into the car and drove to the park. unfortunately nature wasn't aware of my picnic plans - another rainy fall morning in nashville, tn. nor was the park - plastered w/ big NO PICNIC signs. and then there was the incredible vegan indian food from the wedding the night before. ho hmm. glum but not defeated, we drove back to the apartment instead and picnicked at our kitchen table.
part 2: dinner & a movie.

unfortunately we couldn't dedicate a full day to our anniversary. we went to church and then drove to gallatin for wade's grandpa's 78th birthday party. and i ended the day w/ my high school girls bible study.

while i was away, wade prepared his dinner surprise:

* tons of candles.
* lemon rosemary chix
* smashed sweet potatoes & asparagus
* red wine
* our wedding china, silver & crystal
* the wedding blanket we brought home w/ us from morocco
* our very own private viewing of casablanca
* and a million sweet memories of our honeymoon.

he was even at one point determined to turn our living room into a tent - much like the one we ate under while on our honeymoon. note to self: must purchase more sheets for spontaneous tent building.

a very delicious and successful anniversary - if i do say so myself. :) i hope you had a lovely weekend too.


Anna said...

what a beautiful and sweet way to spend your anniversary!

my best friend jules said...

Oh wow! All this is looking so fantastic! I can't wait to get married (hopefully my beau sees this and takes the hint :D) and do something as sweet as this for my anniversary.

xxx mervi

VivaGood said...

Happy anniversary! Time just flies when married life is fun, right? By the way... I always called Randor the no fun park... no running, no dogs on trails, no picnics = no fun!

Faith Bendt said...

yall are too dang cute! so romantic and sweet. I love everything about the picnic and the dinner.

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

thanks ladies! it was such a fun day. we've decided that there will always be an anniversary screening of casablanca ... and we'll sneak in warm tea to radnor for our next sunrise attempt! they can't say anything about tea - right!?!

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