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{wednes-DIY} feather earrings

i really should have jumped on the feather bandwagon a whole heck of a lot earlier. after a recent trip to michigan ... i noticed that the trend is starting to permeate the upper 50 and under 16 crowd. time to abandon ship!?!

nah ... i'm not quite ready to give up on my feather extensions yet (and there's a difference btwen natural feathers vs neon faux feathers.). HOWEVER i love the idea of picking and choosing when to accessorize w/ feathers. enter my friend faith.

{if i were super prepared i'd have a pic of her placed here}

faith has mastered the art thanks to a single feather earring she throws on every now and then. love it. so today in her honor ... i DIY my own! (not into wearing 1 earring? then dble up and make a pair!)

the supplies:
- loose rooster feathers (or your pre-made feather extension that fell out earlier this summer) ... you can find both on etsy.
- wire earring hook
- eye pin
- needle nose pliers and cutting pliers

1 // with your needle nose pliers, roll you eye pin into a spring w/ the eye remaining outside. (they probably sell something like this at a craft store store - but you know me ... i take the road less traveled!)

2 // group your feathers in the order you'd like them to lay. then lace them through the the side of the spring opposite the eye. pull the feathers through so there is a bit of excess (you can clip this later).

3 // use your pliers to flatten the spring tightly into what will look like a beehive. give the feathers a light tug to make sure that they do not slip out. here's where you can clip the excess.

4 // simply add your wire earring hook and you're finished!

how about a couple awkward pics of me modeling the finished product ... ;)

done & done!


Faith Bendt said...

Thanks for the shout out! And I love the way your earring turned out! The length is very fun and the white pops out from your hair very nicely.

Anonymous said...

I want one!! LOVE IT! Better than those clip on hair one.

Kim Howard

Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

Not awkward. Totally gorgeous. I bought one of these feather earrings from a lady selling them at the Tomato Arts Festival on Saturday. Love! Of course, I am the queen of color so my earring has every different colored bead in the world on top of the feather :)

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

oooh oooh oooh @ellen. can't wait to see. you are so cool. wade said a bit sultry. i think he was kidding. either way it's my blog - i'll be sultry. what what!?!

agreed @kim! :)

and again ... thank you my {blog}spiration, @faithy! i was a bit hesitant at first about the white. but proud of my choice.

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