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{hello munday}

eat // mushrooms! we're meal planning, people! in an effort to grocery shop wiser, i sat down yesterday w/ the calendar and planned out this weeks menu. we happen to be eating 2 meals w/ mushrooms this week: portobello mushroom pizzas (yum!) and a new italian chix crock pot meal later this week.

but by this time next week ... we should be able to eat 1 very special mushroom meal. we'll be harvesting our first batch of oyster mushrooms. one of wade'sfriends from his stint in boston sent us 2 back to the roots' mushroom kits as a wedding/anniversary gift. have you heard of this!?!

i'm still a little shy of fresh grown mushrooms. but wade is sooooo excited. and carefully watches our crop daily! :)

wear // lace this fall w/ the perfect silk blouse or a little knit dress or the perfect little sweater. okay okay - it's true i'm a sucker for lace + ivory. so this is RIGHT up my alley! love.

{source: we heart it}

make //
pretty little cake bunting w/ a bit of scrapbook paper + a glue stick, a bit of yarn or ribbon and 2 tiny dowel rods. this weekend we celebrated wade's big birthday. finally he and i are the same age again. ;)

*** inspired by the darling bunting on this yummy looking cake photographed by call me cupcake. now to learn to make cakes so lovely!

buy // an alphabet stamper like this one from sculpey. then ... take on this adorable diy catch-all plate via a brooklyn limestone in progress. a complete "ah ha" moment. and definitely a necessity for my upcoming pottery class, wouldn't you agree!?! :)

listen // the new jeff bridges album. i'm just going to admit that i find jeff bridges to be hot, hot, hot. i know he could be my grandpa. ha. so i'm pretty smitten w/ the new bluesy country sound of his album released earlier this month. have you had a listen? have one here!

Jeff Bridges' self-titled studio album comes out Aug. 16.
{source: Dustin Cohen}

happy munday, folks! :)


The Sugar Mountain said...

I find him hot hot hot too. Seriously, he's the dude.

Meg Fitzmartin said...

I just wanted to say how much I like your blog! Eclectic and fun to read, I look forward to more posts!

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

thanks meg! glad you're here! :)

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