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{hello munday} ... on a tuesday

eat // gluten free gnocci. w + i are converting this yummy gnocci recipe to gfree this thursday before i head out of town for the weekend. i love a good recipe w/ pictures for each step! of course if everything works out pictures + recipe to come.

{source: the kitchn}

make // a feather earring so that you can pick and choose when you want to wear your feather extensions. genius idea via faith. a quick easy DIY coming tomorrow ...

{source: pinterest}

wear // this "i'm a hugger" tshirt from sugar and bruno. i've been a bit glum this week - ask wade. but just seeing that shirt makes me feel a little happier. :)

{source: sugar and bruno}

learn // this perfect friendship bracelet DIY from honestly ... wtf. then invite your girlfriends over for brunch to spread the DIY love. i snapped a couple quick shots @ emily of little observations' "crafty girls brunch" last sunday. fun in the sun!

OH - i didn't share - my big weekend flub. i made the most lovely (gluten-free) pear apricot tart to share at the brunch in one of those pans where the bottom pops out. well - i went to reheat it at the party ... and when i lifted it out of the oven i forgot about the removable bottom and the sides slid down into the fold of my arm. the HOT 350ºF sides. yowch. in a moment of panic - i completely dropped the tart. :( martha stewart would be so ashamed. luckily there was plenty of other yummy treats to go around.

daydream // about 10 days in hawaii. :) w + i bought tickets to spend thanksgiving in hawaii with my big sister + her husband + their 2 little guys. pretty dang excited. i went to visit them the last time they were stationed there 5 years ago - but this will be wade's first trip to hawaii. let the countdown {and beach body workouts} begin ...

{check out my short hair in '06!}

cheer // scouring craigslist might have finally paid off!


i decided to expand my daily craigslist search to southern illinois since i'm heading up for a girls weekend w/ my mom + aunts. and what did i find ... a listing for 200 old high school desks @ $10/piece or 3 for $25! i immediately called the gal and she asked me to send her a picture of what i've been looking for. just received a message back that she's 99.9% sure those are the ones. fingers crossed.

{an example via buschdesign on etsy!}


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