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more color please

my poor husband returned home tuesday night sick as a dog. he had a killer cough and sore throat for a few days and went to bed at 6.30 last night w/ a fever. poor guy. :(

i'm secretly hoping he's feeling better this weekend bc we've got big plans! i think wade has finally accepted that our home is always going to be a work in progress. this week i've become obsessed w/ adding color to our living room. and i would love to dive right in this weekend!

first things first, i need to settle on a color palette. one of our biggest purchases when we got married was this pottery barn bird floral rug. i absolutely love it - and that's a good thing bc it's pretty dominate in the room. :) so i'm pulling colors directly from it:

1 //

i bought our armoire for $125 on craigslist before we were married. as much as i love the xtra storage - it's automatically the focal point of the room because of it's size. oh and it's currently BLACK. i'm thinking we feature it in a lovely shade of green. bring on the primer! inspiration:

Faded green freestanding armoirehttp://2.bp.blogspot.com/_QVUDlJ7G9DM/S5EiZpoUEWI/AAAAAAAABg4/2y-jIS5ceH0/s400/white+house.jpg

{i especially love the upper left image - bc w's fear is that a green armoire won't work w/ blue walls. proof it can work!}

2 //

i definitely still would like to {someday} refinish the piano, but i've accepted that that is going to be a HUGE project. in the meantime ... we'll switch out the bench. i found this little painter's chair at goodwill a few months ago and it's the perfect height. a little update in a gray/teal and he'll look good as new:

{source: pottery barn}

i also love the idea of layering another rug somewhere in the room. anthropologie does this so well (oh who am i kidding ... they do everything so well!). this crochet top rug from urban outfitters would be perfect:

3 //

when my mom comes to visit - you get things accomplished! (hint hint, momma!) the curtains hanging in our living room were made for my first apartment after college. we found a couple of brown linen tablecloths on clearance at walmart and went to town. for sentimental reasons it's hard to let the old curtains go but would definitely like to brighten the room a bit. pom pom drapes are EVERYWHERE right now ... and linen w/ gold trim ... um yes please:

{tutorial & source: martha stewart}

4 //

i definitely want to pull in some red and orange (along w/ the other colors) into the room through accessories. my first thought is pillows! but i've had to promise wade that i'll rid the couch of a few pillows before bringing in more! i wonder if our chunky ribbed pillows from pb would look as a pillow ottoman though they aren't box pillows? this DIY is so cool:

{source: martha stewart}

okay, people:

1 // my biggest questions - how would you incorporate pattern w/out clashing too drastically with our rug?
2 // any issues w/ the plan thus far?


myfriendstaci said...

I'm nuts over that rug and totally covet it! I think that it's a great starting point for coming up with a color scheme! I need to come up with one for our place.....
Don't paint the cute chair! It will be a good neutral with the color scheme, especially if you bring the blue into the room in another way. Sorry, my two cents. The chair is just too nice.

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

hey staci - thanks! i love the rug too! it's a little less bright in person which was a bit disappointing. but i think if i stay in the same family of color and maybe a little brighter it will totally work! :)

and thanks for the 2cents on the chair. i think it will be last IF it gets painted. :)

Lokie said...

I'm available for a limited time only. <3 Mom

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