Test Title 1

maybe ...

sometimes i feel like if w + i had a kid, i'd have a whole lot more to blog about:

* maybe bc i wouldn't have a full-time job. {fingers crossed.}
* maybe bc i would have all kinds of wisdom to share.
* maybe bc i would take so many more pictures.
* maybe bc there are so many cute (and hilarious) baby ideas online.
{oh yes i did just link to mustached binkies!}

ho hmm ...

well it's not gonna happen, peeps. not yet at least.

* maybe instead we'll move overseas.
* maybe instead i'll have a killer cool blog about our adventures.
* maybe then we'll have killer cool international-born babies


{ps - i am however absolutely thrilled to be "auntie blair" to all the sweet babies our friends are expecting! yay!}


Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

It's so true. Anytime I don't have anything to blog about ... I can always just wait for Tessa to do something, take some pics, and BAM. However, your blog is so so so so beautiful--kid or not.

Lokie said...

Baby...yes! Internationally...not without your mother!!

Jen_Jake'smom said...

for the record, dearest, you don't so much have free time when you have a baby, as you have time where you decide - do I nap? wash another load of laundry? think about cleaning the bathrooms, which haven't been cleaned in . . . oh dear goodness, when was the last time I cleaned the bathrooms?

However . . . it is also absolutely wonderful, and the most important job in the universe.

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

haha - so true jen! :) obviously i'm not a mommy yet! :) {though not a good sign that i still sometimes wonder when i last thoroughly cleaned the bathroom?}

:) and you are a great one. xo.

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