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he's a little bit country ...

last night wade and i drove 45 minutes out of nashville to look at a couple of old trucks. we also were able to visit w/ his sister and our niece and nephew.

on the drive, wade revealed to me that he's a little bit country - in fact i'm pretty sure he said redneck. i've been sort of on to him for while. he has attempted before to wear his cowboy boots w/ shorts. and i revealed that his "man tank" for bonaroo was initially a wife beater - didn't i? well not that i needed final convincing ... but last night he told me how one year for his birthday, his dad took his isuzu pickup truck in and installed dual exhaust. think tiny truck {exhibit a} w/ big ol monster truck sound {exhibit b}. nice!

when i think rednecks - i think lifted 8ft in the air and sporting a confederate flag painted hood ... oh and maybe a shiny chrome pair of truck nuts. (apparently confederate flags in the south apparently mean "southern pride" but in the north where i'm from - they mean racism. not cool.)

however - i was completely on smitten w/ w's selections for last. and specifically one little lady that caught both of our eyes - a 1966 ford f100 twin beam ... similar to this one that recently sold on streetside classics:

{source: sidestreetclassics}

we are (specifically - i am!) freaking out about the price we found. and crossing our fingers that she's in better health than expected for that price. truth is i've never really had a dream "car" in mind but for years i've had my heart set on a solid old farm truck. could she be the one?

if wade gets an old truck for his birthday - can i get a farm?

ooh one more - one more ... just look at that dashboard:


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