Test Title 1

{fun facts}

1 // i have a freckle that just appeared last year in the middle of my bottom lip. i should probably get it checked. but i've always wanted freckles - so i'm pretty proud of my 1!

{alyssa miller by ellen von unwerth}

2 // we have bunny ears and a digital box on our tv so we are very limited. we flip between reruns of criminal minds (creepy i know) and lost on dvd. i watched the first 3 seasons of lost religiously back when it was on tv ... but this is all brand new to wade. hello, 2004! we're hoping to pick up season 4 before this rainy weekend inside.

3 // i am obsessed w/ retro homemaker inspired tattoos. i was after all president of the "future homemakers of america" during my senior year of high school:

... but don't worry wade, i will stick w/ the 1 tiny tattoo i already have.

4 // my grandma bought all of her granddaughters 2 pearls for christmas and their birthdays each year. wade had my pearls strung for me for our wedding.

5 // speaking of jewelry ... besides my wedding rings and a little bird/postcard necklace that is sentimental bc i found it while wade and i were long distance, i wear very little jewelry. i simply forget to put it on! but i would love to collect victorian era rings as katie of i go by katie does. her collection is absolutely stunning:

{source: i go by katie}

6 // if we could live anywhere in the world, we would pack up and move to a french speaking country. i received rosetta stone for christmas last year to begin preparing. ;) however neither of us has been very diligent in our studies. boo.

7 // i am not ashamed to copycat. one of my summer interns has the cutest feather extensions. i found these on etsy that are pretty pretty. hmmm ...

{sorce: soulshots}

8 // i am not easily starstruck probably bc of my job in the music business. however one time i ran into the former bachelor, travis stork, in line at the grocery store and nearly sweat through my shirt (gross. true.). i hadn't even watched the show! but i knew how obsessed my mom and aunts were w/ him. the only other (non-musical) celebrity i can remember running into was kirk cameron when i was about 11. not nearly as cool!

9 // i said my first cuss word in the 8th grade after a rough drive home from school to my oldest sister. i swore (no pun intended) that i wouldn't swear again. unfortunately one particular extremely frustrating co-worker has weakened me. :( okay that's no excuse. i want to overcome my potty mouth before we have kids.

Brunette Potty Mouth Girl Funny Magnet
{source: simplycutebykarin on etsy}

10 // i also say "acrossed" (more like "acrost") which drives my husband crazy. if i give up saying "acrossed" ... he will likely give up cussing too. ;)


The Sugar Mountain said...

You are hilarious! Love the feather extensions and the rings! xo

Anonymous said...

You are just about the cutest person ever! This post made me laugh out loud!
Love to you and Wade,
Teri (a/k/a Mama Bear)

Ellen @ Black And White And Loved All Over said...

What a cute post! I love it because your personality shines through. Love. Your. Personality. xoxo

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

thanks ladies! so glad to have all of your as regulars. :)

@teri - we need to get together and make YOU dinner.

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