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{look for less} free people

we're having friends over for dinner tonight (the menu: ham steak + chili gravy + cheesy polenta - yum!). and i won't be able to head home during my lunch hour tomorrow because i have a photo shoot ... so i'm left to finally prep for bonnaroo tomorrow night. we're only going for the last 2 days - 1 night of camping. some fresh fruit, camping supplies, sunscreen, comfy shoes ... and necessary squeeze breeze and we should be good.

however - yesterday while waiting on my boss amidst the cma fest madness downtown - i had plenty of time (almost 2 hours) to people watch. and i started to think attire. observation // as cute as those tops are w/ lace backs, they'll leave wicked suntan lines. this wouldn't be so bad if wade and i had a beach trip planned for the near future (say hawaii to visit my sister) - aka another opportunity to get sun. but we're paying uncle sam this summer!

so this weekend is mission: get a tan. (i might have even convinced wade into wearing a man tank. might have ...

and since i haven't done a {look for less} lately. i thought i'd find inspiration for my bonnaroo wardrobe through this outfit available @ free people. enjoy!


the top:

l: free people convertible crochet halter {89.95}
r: express crochet cami {23.95}

the skirt:

l: free people tiered maxi skirt {89.95}
r: alloy selene tiered skirt {34.90}

the slip:

Derby Dots Cream Lace Maxi Dress
l: free people point d'esprit maxi slip {98.00}
r: lulu derby dots cream lace maxi dress {59.00}
perfect ... except in ivory only. boo hiss.

the jewelry:

l: free people millau wrap bracelet {258.00}
r: fullofcraft on etsy leather wrap bracelet {27.00}

the hat:

l: free people janis brimmed wool tall hat {68.00}
r: american apparel wool floppy hat {40.00}

free people {603.90}
my look {193.85}


The Blonde Mule said...

"Man tank," hahaha!

The Tiny Team said...

Oh gosh, I LOVE THIS! I love the style, and the frugal tips! Awesome!


The Sugar Mountain said...

cute dresses. yesterday I did my first "what I wore wednesday" post and I totally remembered this post when I was busy getting dressed! I got my skirt at urban outfitters for around 60. not exactly giving it away at that price but sure is better than 98 :)

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

i saw your post! you looked great. such a great outfit! :)

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