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{wednes-DIY} fabric bangles (for craft hope)

it was a ridiculously busy weekend - followed by a ridiculously busy start to the week. but finally, a little DIY ... enjoy!

* plastic tubing (available at your hardware store)
* scissors
* masking/duct tape
* fabric scraps - enough for several long 1" strips
* hot glue gun

1 // with your scissors, cut the plastic tubing to fit your wrist w/ enough slack to fit over your hand.

{wondering about that hand model ... my husband does good work, eh?}

2 // with your masking or duct tape, connect the two ends to create a circle.

3 // cut or tear several long 1" strips. i chose to iron my strips after tearing them. a) i love ironing! b) it made the strips easier to wrap c) it helped remove several of the loose strings.

4 // with your glue gun, attached the beginning of a fabric strip to your plastic circle. wrap the fabric around the loop tightly until the loop is entirely covered. for a neater/tighter bracelet, wrap the bracelet twice. then glue the end.


now to get busy making lots and lots of fabric bangles as my contribution to craft hope - project 12. (if you aren't sure what i'm talking about see my last post here.)


Ashley said...

Those are so cute! My husband is going to think I'm crazy when I ask to go to the hardware store so I can make some jewelry.

Emma said...

these are so cute! i am going to try to make these asap

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